Major Monthly Event Handicaps


In the interest of fairness, the board of the Men’s Club @ Auburn is adopting a tournament adjustment handicap system for our members who frequently shoot lower than their current handicap during tournament rounds. Points will be assessed for top 5 NET SCORES IN EACH FLIGHT for tournament competitions. Based on the points assessed, member handicaps will be adjusted. The purpose of this adjustment is to ensure the integrity of the tournaments for all our member events.

Points Assessed

Net scores for all participants
1st place = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 2 points
5th place = 1 point

Time Period!

Points will be assessed to winners of tournaments over the previous 24 months.

Reduction Examples

20 points
Tournament handicap will be Low H.I. GHIN last 12 months
30 points
1 stroke off Low H.I.
35 points
2 strokes off Low H.I.
40 points
Board discretion

*Points will not be assessed for top 5 finishes in Weekend Desk Game & Summer Best Ball Competitions.


20 points assessed results in the players tournament handicap to be the Low Handicap Index (H.I.) in the last 12 months.After 20-point threshold is exceeded, additional strokes will be taken off the Low H.I. as outlined in the chart to the right. If 40 points are reached, tournament handicap will be reduced at the board’s discretion.